Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun Pictures:)

Trysten hurt his toe wreastling with daddy, so he wanted to bandge it up:) With foam but it didn't last very long:)
Grandma LeAnne and the kids:)

I love this picture of Miss Baylee:0

Grandma LeAnne and Trysten:)

He is getting so big and is so active! Swimming lessons, reading, Tee Ball, Running, and playing etc...

Here is our rusty trailer. About 2 months ago, our brand new trailer, one riding lawn mower, and 2 push mowers were stolen in the morning out of our front yard, never found our stuff, but the insurance after a run around was able to help us get our stuff back so we can get back to mowing. We found this trailer on Craigs List for real cheap so it was a good deal. Casey has sanded down the most of the trailer and spray painted the fenders black, it looks good and is coming a long. Now we just need to sand blast it and get the whole thing painted and it will look brand new:)

Finally I'm getting a picture of my new table my hubby got for me. I love it and it's just what I wanted:) Very pleased:)

I read this book to Baylee about 7 times in a row to her. She loves when we will read to her.:) I took the kids to the library on Wednesday for the first time. They both now have their own library card, Trysten was way excited:) We checked out 10 books and have already read them all. I guess we will be taking a lot of trips to the Library:)

Being Silly:)

My little Princess! I can't believe she is going to be 2 next month, she has imformed me that she wants a Princess birthday:)

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